We are visual creators

Million Moods is a creative studio placed between an agency and a film production. We are filling the unique gap between your vision and the actual film you and your clients want to see.

We specialize in the conception of mood films.

Mood films are composed of existing footage such as open film sources, commercials, movies, music videos and stock material. We help you to create your vision of a commercial spot, a layout film, an internal event film, a persona visualization or a trailer.

We are the creators of the very first goosebump.




The pre-visualization of a story, concept or execution style for an advertisement or larger project. Providing supportive and creative materials for account pitches and early ideation.


The “appetizer“ for a longer film or upcoming project. A powerful and emotional first impression of the content and atmosphere - the “look & feel“.


A motivating brand experience to inspire teams and organizations. An atmospheric and emotional feature at company product launches and events.


The visualization of a successful marketing tool to understand the potential customer and validate the effect of a more emotional than technical implementation.

Work with us

Our team consists of creatives who are specialists in their individual fields. We are editors, visual artists, creative directors, motion designers and producers. We are specialized at what we do and work internationally. We work with our own database, which is a continually growing archive of clips that provides the mood for your individual project.

We maintain a long-term relationship with our clients, supporting them and creating their visions.

Together we will work with you to turn your ideas into visual feelings.

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